Bristol Finish 1qt Kit

Bristol Finish Traditional Amber Urethane High Gloss


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Product Description

Bristol Finish Traditional Amber Urethane is a versatile, two-component Clear wood coating suitable for all timbers. It combines the durability of a two-component coating, with the easy use of a single-component product. With no sanding required between coats & a 1 hour minimum recoat time, it builds extremely quickly, meaning less time, labour & product is required. It may be applied as a new system, or over existing single & two-component coatings as either a build-up & / or finish coating. Tested at a “maintenance-free” life of 24 months in the Florida sun (elements similar to tropical Australia), it has high UV resistance & may be used for interior or exterior applications.

Colour & Finish : Amber Clear / High Gloss
Product Advantages :

  • Two-component with single-component ease
  • Very high abrasion resistance
  • Fast building with high volume solids
  • No sanding required between coats, if overcoated within a minimum of 1 hour, but no more than 24 hours
  • UV and chemical resistant



Application on Bare Wood
Application on a Previously Varnished Surface
Technical Data