Epifanes PP Varnish Extra

Epifanes PP Varnish Extra


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Product Description

EPIFANES PP Varnish Extra is a two-component varnish based on alkyd resin / isocyanate that combines fast dry time with excellent impact and abrasion resistance. A recoat time as short as 3 hours makes PP Varnish Extra ideal for situations where high build is required in a short time. It can be used on all types of interior and exterior wood as an insulation coat, sealer, or filling coat for one-component or two-component synthetic or polyester based varnish systems. EPIFANES PP Varnish Extra is an excellent insulating sealer for oily, greasy and vaporous woods such as teak and iroco. For maximum UV resistance it is recommended to topcoat with two or more coats of EPIFANES Clear High Gloss Varnish, EPIFANES Woodfinish Gloss, or EPIFANES Polyurethane Clear Gloss Finish.

Container Size : 2000ml (1000ml base + 1000ml cure)
Application : Brush, Roll or Spray
Dry time at 22 Degrees Celcius : Recoatable in 2.5 hours spray, 5 hours brush

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION : A professional, quick drying, high gloss build up varnish for all types of wood, based on alkyd resin & isocyanate. Recommended sealer for oily wood, ie teak & iroco. Resistant to water, alcohol & various household chemicals. Excellent flow & abrasion resistance, superior grain filling & rapid build-up. Offers sufficient flexibility for application on working wood (ie masts). The varnish contains a high-quality UV filter, however for exterior use it is advised to overcoat with 2-3 coats Epifanes Poly-urethane Clear Gloss (2-comp) or Epifanes Clear Gloss Varnish (1-comp) for extra UV-protection.

FIELD OF USE : Sealing, quick building and/or grain filling varnish for new work on bare solid (working) wood & (non-working) plywood for both interior & exterior above the waterline. Isolating varnish on oily tropical wood types. Ideally suited for working wood. Interior finish of door, panels, kitchen furniture, etc. Maintenance of existing clear two-component varnishes.

THINNER: BRUSH-Epifanes Thinner for PP Varnish Extra or Epifanes PU Brushthinner. SPRAY-Epifanes Thinner for PP Varnish Extra.

RECOATABILITY : Wet-on-wet after 2-3 hours at 18 degrees celcius / 150 square feet @ 30 um dry filmthickness

PACKING: 2000ml – 1000ml base + 1000ml cure (A + B)

COLOUR : Transparent Clear