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Top Ten Tips for Varnishing Your Boat

By January 14, 2016 Boat Varnishing Tips
  1. Prepare the wood well, sand or scrape to a smooth surface & fill imperfections
  2. Keep the job & work area clean, dry & dust free
  3. Organise the area so you do not need to stop, work quickly, maintain a wet edge
  4. Use only the best quality brushes or rollers & clean properly afterwards
  5. Use the correct type of varnish for the wood (the oils in teak etc., can crack the surface as they migrate out)
  6. Never use varnish direct from the can, you will contaminate it. Spray Bloxygen into the can of varnish & catalyst after opening and close the lid tight to prevent product from hardening, so you can use all of the product, not just the first half
  7. Measure two part products accurately & mix thoroughly – read the instructions
  8. Protect yourself from vapours & dust
  9. Sand & varnish with the grain
  10. Watch the weather, wait if the humidity is high & avoid direct sunlight